Sada Systems Explainer Video

Oct 25th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

SADA System is a full-service cloud migration and IT consulting services company, offering cloud resolutions, managed and technical services, and mapping solutions with the help of Google’s existing platforms.

The Problem

SADA Systems approached us looking to have animated video created to help explain their partnership with Google and showcasing their latest tool, DotMaps. We needed to incorporate a taste of Google within the video while making SADA Systems unique.

Our Solution

Utilizing Google’s color scheme while matching the branding of SADA Systems, we were able to have a bit more fun with this project, using isometric design and effective reconstruction of their existing application interface. Many times, it’s essential to show the user backend of a company’s tools, but it may not match the look of an animated video. As we have done for many clients, we created an illustrated mockup of this interface and give a brief glimpse into a user’s experience.

Script & Key Frames

Government agencies know, it’s not easy keeping a city or county running efficiently.
Repair work… construction… outages… multiple projects, involving multiple agencies, all running at the same time causing traffic and increasing city spend. If delays occur, or there is miscommunication between agencies, or a project emergency takes place… it can affect the entire area, slowing progress, wasting resources and costing millions of dollars.  

What your agency needs is a simple, easy-to-use, interactive application to track and monitor multiple government projects… DotMaps, developed by SADA Systems. DotMaps, developed by SADA Systems and powered by Google,  provides a collaborative solution to better manage the public way, allowing coordination of public and private construction projects to avoid delays and duplicate work.

With real-time reporting, city engineers, officials, planners and agencies can update projects, access permits, add alerts, and special event data all in one location. You can see the various projects that agencies are working on or are planning for the future, and identify potential scheduling problems to better align resources. While administrators can monitor and manage multiple projects from one location, in real time, not at the next monthly meeting. 

Designed to be a centralized hub of projects and information, DotMaps works with multiple data formats, including designs, transmittal forms, PDFs, MOUs, and more. DotMaps helps cities manage multiple projects, cut down on conflicts, save taxpayer money, and improve quality of life by reducing unnecessary roadwork and easing traffic. DotMaps -  Innovation for better city management. Contact SADA Systems to learn more.

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