QuietRock Website Design and Drupal Development

Sep 7th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

QuietRock was a challenging and fun project for our team and client alike. Pushing the design capabilities of Drupal and utilizing more javascript functionality, we were able to bring the site to life. Animation is Rail’s specialty, and this was a great chance to come up with a creative way to get the corporate message across. Simple additions to menu highlights, hero images, and product highlights can improve the overall user experience.

Capitalizing on Google API’s highly editable interface, we were able to take a creative spin on displaying the many dealers that carry QuietRock products. With a completely customized menu, we were able to take an extensive database that could be easily managed on the backend and present it in a beautiful, full screen presentation.

The ultimate prize through this process was turning a “dry” drywall web experience into a full-fledged design masterpiece. Creating a highly functional desktop and mobile web-experience was important for our design goals and allowed us to deliver something that our clients will stand out for years to come.

Check out the live website at: www.quietrock.com