Perks of a Shot Promo Video

Sep 2nd, 2016 | Insight

Shot videos are great for the smallest of startups to the largest corporations. Whether it’s getting funding for new ideas or interviewing employees for an inside perspective, video is going to be the most captivating way to feature this information.

Companies like IndieGogo and Kickstarter offer a great crowdfunding platform for new ideas, if you’re a startup getting the messaging right before the money comes in is half the battle. Whether you’re new to the game or an industry heavy hitter, convincing your viewer to want to buy your offering or invest in your vision for the future, shot video helps capture the feeling you want your company to embody. Having a proven success rating of 50% using videos with Kickstarter campaigns vs 30% without, a video can help with getting an idea off the ground, or building upon an existing foundation.

New products may be really cool when explained, but it needs to be seen in action! A new clothing brand looks better when seen on models, new toys look better when played with, and a new app needs to be demonstrated. Bringing in a professional team to shoot your product and edit it into some of its greatest angles can make you stand out against competitors.

When shopping around for a good team to partner with in these endeavors, we believe it’s best to see the company culture along with their offering. Putting a human face to the company is important to show the humanity behind the product. If your office culture is fun and enthusiastic, showcase those pinball skills as a teambuilding exercise that says you’re a fun group to work with. Explain your mission and strengths as a company and show your passion for your work with the face to face experience that can lock-in that potential buyer.

Your in-person, realistic presentation is what’s getting people in the door and interested in what your company has to say. Click here to check our our video production capabilities.