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Motion Graphics

Visual storytelling is what we’re all about. We thrive on taking the complexity of your product or service and boiling it down to the highest impact video or presentation. The fun begins at storyboarding, where we turn your script into a visual masterpiece. After much collaboration, we bring the storyboard to life with explosive visual effects and motion graphics. Delivering back to you not only a YouTube, trade show or mobile video, but a polished and effective sales and marketing tool. We’ve delivered solutions for small and large screens (we’re talking jumbotron here), so we can help you decide the right delivery for all of your video needs.

Video Presentation

Motion graphics video presentations will engage your audience and serve the needs of the market your company is trying to reach. We can cater to your corporate audience, training sessions, YouTube viewers, trade show presentations, online media, and/or website. We produce high definition video presentations in H.264 format, which allows you to play your video presentation on a variety of different devices. This is our specialty.

Explainer Video

You've built your business from the ground up and now you need your message to reach the world. Explainer videos are the new trend in corporate video that allows companies to creatively "explain" what you do best. Whether you are a startup company working to get your name out there, a veteran company looking to re-brand your product or service, or you just want to add a fresh look to your advertising campaign, we can help you achieve success. At Rail Digital, our goal is to entertain your audience in a way that educates them in the most interesting fashion. An effective way to do that is by creating a high impact video that you can use as a marketing tool for your business today and for years to come. It's a worthy investment that will yield See more...

Motion Graphics Production

Creating presentations with movement is our specialty. We have the top motion graphics designers ready to work on your project. Each project is organic and brought to life with high-quality graphics. We take pride in forming concepts that look sharp and sophisticated in a friendly, approachable way. The agency is dedicated to deliver within schedule, budget, and most importantly with your satisfaction. Clients use their marketing presentations in various areas and we help deliver this to any audience. Whether it’s used for your company website, corporate presentation, explainer video, trade show, conference meeting, business promotional event, or YouTube, motion graphics is the best approach. See more...

Trade Show Video

Trade show marketing can be very effective. The hard part is producing a display that will help you accomplish the marketing goals you have set for your company. How are you going to attract potential consumers to your display booth in order to persuade them to use your company's products or services over your competition? What will drive traffic and help you stand out in a sea of options? The secret weapon is a compelling, high quality motion graphics video presentation that appeals to the senses and captivates an audience. Rail Digital has the expertise and skill to create a magnetic video for your display that will showcase what your company has to offer in a visually stimulating way to help you stand out in the crowd.

Corporate Video Presentation

Our team is highly skilled to cater to the corporate audience. We have returning customers that will rave about benefiting from having a strong video presence created by Rail Digital. Our corporate video presentations are designed specifically for your viewers. We understand how important it is to be able to communicate your message in a way that inspires, compels and converts. We'll convey your message with clarity, simplicity, and with the highest level of professionalism. Whatever the project scope, Rail will deliver – on time, within budget, and to your expectations.

Video Animation

You want a video presentation that is approachable and visually captivating to your audience. One way to guarantee that what you are selling on your website will be remembered, is by engaging your audience with a visually stimulating animated video. Whether you're looking to introduce a new product or service, begin a marketing plan for a new business, or re-brand your existing company, we can help you generate interest, captivate your target audience, and reach your marketing goals. Our team of expert designers are ready to take your message however simple or complex it may be, and turn it into a digital story that is simple, informative, entertaining, and effective. Cartoons aren't just for kids anymore.

Whiteboard Animation

The newest trend in animation is Whiteboard animation. This type of presentation promotes enlightened thinking. The motion of a digital sketch captivates audiences in a simple yet hypnotizing way. The creative story and storyboard is told by pictures drawn out on a whiteboard with a human hand sketching the images. Whiteboard animation can be used as a tool for educational purposes, which includes overview presentations, animated explainer videos, and demonstrating your products and services to your consumer. The most popular whiteboard animations are displayed on YouTube and Vimeo.

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