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Centrify Corporate Explainer Video

Oct 29th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

Centrify is a leading supplier of Single-Sign On access to businesses and organizations. We've been working with Centrify since 2013 and they've became one of our most valued customers. We've provided videos for nearly all of their products and work with multiple teams throughout the organization.

Centrify asked us to develop an explainer video to communicate how their solution can increase corporate security against compromised credentials.

Script & Key Frames

Is your network prepared for evolving cyberthreats? Companies have been securing their networks for years, and yet breach headlines are increasing. Why? Studies show the #1 point of attack is compromised credentials. More than half of breaches are caused that way, and the number is growing. Hackers have learned to target both end user and privileged user’s credentials… along multiple points of the cyber attack chain, as even a small breach can create a foothold into corporate data and systems. In the past, creating a secured perimeter for on-premises employees was enough. But those days are gone. Modern businesses enterprises require need secure access across today’s hybrid IT environment of cloud, mobile and on-premises resources. Employees, SaaS, and IaaS, cloud applications and mobile devices. Trusted partners and customers and want remote access from from anywhere and at anytime. The cyber security threat to your network has shifted, and Identity is the New Perimeter. Hackers and criminals have shown that #1 point of attack is compromised credentials. Studies show that nearly half of breaches are caused that way, and the number is growing. They’ve learned to target both end user and privileged user’s credentials… along multiple points of a potential cyber attack chain, as even a small breach can create a foothold into corporate data and systems. Today’s Threats Require a Next-Generation Identity Platform, Centrify. 

Centrify secures enterprise identities against cyber threats that target today’s hybrid IT environment of cloud, mobile and on-premises. Centrify protects against compromised credentials by securing an enterprise’s internal and external users as well as its privileged accounts. Centrify protects a users access, and has solutions that empower the end user. While a different set of solutions secure data type resources. Because traditional security is not enough, identity is the key central component of the new perimeter. Established by a platform that is Context Aware, and can provide Adaptive Access.

Centrify delivers stronger security, continuous compliance and enhanced user productivity through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, mobile and Mac management, privileged identity management, secure remote access, and user session auditing. Centrify makes it possible to control who has access to your networks resources and increase your security against compromised credentials, all while improving your continued compliance with potential auditors, improving your ROI and reducing complexity. A simple user name and password is no longer enough. You need better decision makingfull identity security. Centrify.

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Sada Systems Explainer Video

Oct 25th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

SADA System is a full-service cloud migration and IT consulting services company, offering cloud resolutions, managed and technical services, and mapping solutions with the help of Google’s existing platforms.

The Problem

SADA Systems approached us looking to have animated video created to help explain their partnership with Google and showcasing their latest tool, DotMaps. We needed to incorporate a taste of Google within the video while making SADA Systems unique.

Our Solution

Utilizing Google’s color scheme while matching the branding of SADA Systems, we were able to have a bit more fun with this project, using isometric design and effective reconstruction of their existing application interface. Many times, it’s essential to show the user backend of a company’s tools, but it may not match the look of an animated video. As we have done for many clients, we created an illustrated mockup of this interface and give a brief glimpse into a user’s experience.

Script & Key Frames

Government agencies know, it’s not easy keeping a city or county running efficiently.
Repair work… construction… outages… multiple projects, involving multiple agencies, all running at the same time causing traffic and increasing city spend. If delays occur, or there is miscommunication between agencies, or a project emergency takes place… it can affect the entire area, slowing progress, wasting resources and costing millions of dollars.  

What your agency needs is a simple, easy-to-use, interactive application to track and monitor multiple government projects… DotMaps, developed by SADA Systems. DotMaps, developed by SADA Systems and powered by Google,  provides a collaborative solution to better manage the public way, allowing coordination of public and private construction projects to avoid delays and duplicate work.

With real-time reporting, city engineers, officials, planners and agencies can update projects, access permits, add alerts, and special event data all in one location. You can see the various projects that agencies are working on or are planning for the future, and identify potential scheduling problems to better align resources. While administrators can monitor and manage multiple projects from one location, in real time, not at the next monthly meeting. 

Designed to be a centralized hub of projects and information, DotMaps works with multiple data formats, including designs, transmittal forms, PDFs, MOUs, and more. DotMaps helps cities manage multiple projects, cut down on conflicts, save taxpayer money, and improve quality of life by reducing unnecessary roadwork and easing traffic. DotMaps -  Innovation for better city management. Contact SADA Systems to learn more.

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VMware SRM Explainer Video

Oct 18th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

Discover the industry-leading solution to enable application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments with policy based management, non-disruptive testing and automated orchestration.

Project Overview

VMware approached us to create an explainer video that would give a clear overview of the product and its new features. We created an animated isometric world to show how natural disasters and unforeseen problems can wreak havoc on the datacenter. VMware SRM can solve these problems and enable application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments.

Storyboard Samples

The Script

Now more than ever, your organization depends on technology to drive business and to deliver services at global scale without interruptions.

Site level failures due to natural disasters or power outages are amongst the most disruptive, but there are other scenarios that can impact data center availability. You know a hurricane is coming and you act before it strikes to achieve disaster avoidance. Or you are deprecating an old data center and decide to perform a data center migration. These use cases are part of a broader effort to achieve application availability and mobility across sites. 

However, with legacy recovery approaches you depend on complex runbooks and manual processes that are difficult to test because they require specialized teams and large time investments. Consequently, you experience challenges around reliability, complexity and cost. You need a solution that uses the software defined data center architecture in order to build a highly available and resilient infrastructure. You need VMware Site Recovery Manager.  
SRM is the industry-leading solution for application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments. It is an automation software that integrates with a replication technology to provide policy-based management, non-disruptive testing and automated orchestration of recovery plans.      

Site Recovery Manager automates every aspect of executing a recovery plan to provide fast and reliable recovery. Test your plans as frequently as needed in an isolated network bubble to avoid disrupting production systems and to ensure your recovery objectives. A detailed report will help you prove regulatory compliance. In the case of a failure event, automatically orchestrate the failover and failback of virtual machines with just a few clicks. You can use network virtualization with VMware NSX to preserve network and security policies on migrated VMs and further decrease recovery times.     

Site Recovery Manager can also enable zero downtime application mobility. 
Migrate live virtual machines at scale by orchestrating cross-vCenter vMotion operations when using a supported metro-distance stretched storage solution. Or choose the right replication for you. SRM supports a broad range of third-party replication solutions from VMware storage partners and integrates natively with vSphere Replication. 

Site Recovery Manager uses automation and SDDC technology to deliver simple and policy-based management. Create and manage recovery plans for thousands of virtual machines and use storage policies to automate the process of adding and removing protection. Integration with SDDC solutions, such as VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Automation further simplifies management and automates operations in private cloud environments. With SRM, you can protect the applications you need, because it lowers the total cost of ownership by up to 50% through automation and use of cost-efficient infrastructure technology. Site Recovery Manager is an enterprise-class solution that provides simple, fast and reliable recovery and mobility of virtual machines between sites with minimal or no downtime.

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Star Wars Science Website Design

Sep 7th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

Gearing up for the Star Wars Force Friday Event, Uncle Milton wanted to give a new face to an old website in order to revamp some of their greatest products. After initially designing Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Science in 2008, we were excited to play a part in the re-branding process.

Armed with only glimpses of Kylo Ren and minimal assets of the new Star Wars universe, each product was connected to an Earthly application and scientific principle, highlighted within each product page. We delivered design experience for Uncle Milton’s developers to execute what helped push the sales of their new products into the galaxy. You can read more about the Star Wars Force Friday Event here

QuietRock Website Design and Drupal Development

Sep 7th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

QuietRock was a challenging and fun project for our team and client alike. Pushing the design capabilities of Drupal and utilizing more javascript functionality, we were able to bring the site to life. Animation is Rail’s specialty, and this was a great chance to come up with a creative way to get the corporate message across. Simple additions to menu highlights, hero images, and product highlights can improve the overall user experience.

Capitalizing on Google API’s highly editable interface, we were able to take a creative spin on displaying the many dealers that carry QuietRock products. With a completely customized menu, we were able to take an extensive database that could be easily managed on the backend and present it in a beautiful, full screen presentation.

The ultimate prize through this process was turning a “dry” drywall web experience into a full-fledged design masterpiece. Creating a highly functional desktop and mobile web-experience was important for our design goals and allowed us to deliver something that our clients will stand out for years to come.

Check out the live website at: www.quietrock.com

Social Media Marketing Video For Thomas & Friends

Aug 31st, 2016 | Project Spotlight

Things have certainly been interesting ever since our founder, Ron Fugelseth, sent Stanley the Train on a journey to space and back in 2012.

HIT Entertainment, the owner of the Thomas & Friends™ toy train brand, saw the video, along with over 5 million others, and decided to work with Rail Digital. HIT wanted to create a new marketing campaign to promote their beloved Thomas & Friends™ brand that would focus on a family summer adventure with Thomas. They specifically wanted to capture the child and toy relationship that was shown in our founder’s viral video, A Toy Train in Space, in a social media video that would highlight fun times with Thomas toys, games and movies. 

Rail jumped at the chance to have the opportunity to once again animate their key character’s face, which took a lot of motion tracking and CG work. So, following HIT’s “One Journey. Endless Destinations.” campaign theme, our team worked closely with HIT to create the visual story that would explore a family’s adventures along with an amusingly expressive Thomas the Train. One of the first challenges presented was how to film a summer vacation over 4 days in December! We took on the challenge of scouting locations that would provide the proper look despite the time of the year and timing our shooting schedule for the best atmosphere.  Our crew provided a lot of encouragement (and some candy!) when working with our child actors to maintain the sense of natural youthful playfulness with purposeful product interaction 

Playing around, and everyone helping to encourage the kids, is how we succeeded, in getting the necessary shots for the video, and got such natural reactions on camera. We even managed to add an underwater scene shot in an aquarium with “Bob the crab”, who was quickly returned to the sea after filming. The result was a fun video that shows Thomas’ adventures from a new perspective. 

HIT Entertainment is one of the world's leading pre-school entertainment companies, owning such beloved brands as Barney, Bob The Builder, Pingu and of course, Thomas & Friends. This project was a fun kickoff to a now 3-year relationship with HIT’s parent company, Mattel, giving us an opportunity to work with their other top brands like Barbie, Max Steel and Fisher-Price.

And as a special bonus, our founder has a unique family home movie to cherish for years.

Pabco Building Products

Aug 22nd, 2016 | Project Spotlight

After providing solutions to PABCO on three of their other in-house brands, Pabco Gypsum, Pabco Roofing and Quietrock, we were approached to re-design and develop a new website for PABCO Building Products. Pulling from brand elements we’ve established on the previous projects we were able to make a dashing presentation of the company’s rich history and place amidst its community to make this construction supply company stand above the rest.

The client was sure to include the standard list of subsidiaries and product listings, but they wanted to highlight more of their corporate outreach. The community involvement showed that they care for company employees, while also showcasing charitable giving. Carrying highlighted points such as those showcased on the site really help to boost the social responsibilities PABCO is addressing.

Creating long-term relationships with our clients is our specialty at Rail Digital, and we’re looking forward to working with PABCO for years to come.

View the live website at: www.pabcobuildingproducts.com

VMware Content Collaboration

Aug 17th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

VMware is one of our longest lasting clients. We’ve worked on numerous videos, webpages, business portals, and more. The goal of Content Collaboration was to combine VMware’s most useful resources for team collaboration, mainly Socialcast (a communication platform for all of the professionals in a company), with Airwatch’s file and video sharing software into one useful package. After working closely with their team and crafting the perfect phrasing and scripting for the project, we were able to emphasize what this Collaboration Bundle was capable of. The final product was a successful sales landing page and explainer video that has gained many new sign-ups for the service.

Check it out at: www.vmware-collaboration.com

Pabco Gypsum Drupal Website

Jul 20th, 2016 | Project Spotlight

Establishing a lasting relationship with a client can yield benefits far beyond the one off project. Getting to know your clients on a personal level can help promote a team comradery which can lead to a deeper understanding of what our clients need and establish a personal touch to what we develop. Our relationship with the PABCO Building Products family has proved to be a valuable experience for the growth of our company and each of their subsidiaries.

What began as a normal contact form request quickly progressed as we met with their marketing and design cohorts for the Newark division, and soon came to realize that their team had big plans for developing a site that would stand out strongly within the gypsum industry. We soon realized that our plans for building custom tools equipped with editing capabilities would require a strong CMS and experienced developers. Using Drupal as our main platform for designing and maintaining the site, our team was able to create tools that assembled numerous product spec docs, and calculated the LEED qualification of a new building among a number of other great features.

As many of our clients come to us with the need for high security sites, we encourage our clients to have the site hosted by Pantheon, which is one of the most secure serving companies today. Being used by the White House itself, this service option is something we encourage all of our clients to use. Ensuring our clients security comes second to none, at Rail and we aim to deliver long standing sites that will defend against any potential intruders.

At the completion of our first project with PABCO, building out PABCOGypsum.com, we were able to continue on with this exceptional team. Other sites that have been developed out of this relationship included PABCO’s parent company, PABCO Building Products, Sacramento based PABCO Roofing, and Quietrock.

View the live website at: www.pabcogypsum.com